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Citizen's Council

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As per our Constitution there are 2 branches of government which create or unitary form of government for the Free State of Sabini. The Citizen's Council is the body of the Citizens. The Citizen's Council is a unicameral legislature, meaning it is both the legislative and judicial head of the government. It has power to legislate the laws and regulations and their enforcement, provide for the defense of Sabini, approve the budget among many other duties. The Citizen's Council is also the court system for all legal hearings and disputes within the Free State of Sabini. All legislation is voted on by all Citizens unlike many countries who have representatives. This way everyone who wishes gets a fair vote.


Citizenship is voluntary in Sabini. All inhabitants are Nationals but not all are Citizens. Citizenship requires written consent of the Constitution for Sabini and allows them to vote in the Citizen's Council, run for office along with other privileges and conditions.


The Council has met many times in the first few months to help get the economy and nation going. The Council follows a Libertarian mindset of extremely limited government and limited interference with the lives of the residents within the country. As such the country has only a handful of laws in addition to the constitution. 

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