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The Free State of Sabini is a new and upcoming Sovereign Country landlocked by the United States of America located inside the State of Texas. It is currently classified as a micronation with intent to becoming a microstate completely independent of other nations. Due to its size and limited amount natural resources, it is still dependent on other nations.


Sabini declared it's Independence from the rule and governing of the United States on January 11, 2020 but continues to do most of it's trading with the United States, with some being conducted with China and the Philippines. 


Sabini comprises of three non-bordering provinces and one island territory.


A monetary fee is paid to the United States in exchange for a majority of our protection from overseas aggression although Sabini does have its own military force that can be called upon. 


There is no official language in Sabini however all legal documents are to be conducted in English. 


The flag of the Free State of Sabini is a comprised of blue, white and violet vertical stripes representing freedom, peace and sovereignty respectively. Centered is a single black star to represent unity.



The Free State of Sabini is an agrarian society and therefore does not follow daylight savings time as apposed to many of its North American neighbors. We also have adopted the International System of Units (SI).


There are currently three operating businesses within the country with agriculture being the main export of the Free State of Sabini. 'Gema Farms' produces a variety of fruits and vegetable along with chickens and eggs; 'Gema Treats' which is a food service industry; and 'P.P.S.B.' which manufactures self-sufficiency supplies and accessories.


Sabini has become a signatory to the Wrythe Convention, the Edgbaston Convention and the Atlanta Regional Union.

Most Recent Address from the President

September 25, 2022

Good afternoon to all Sabinians. As your president and ambassador I went to visit foreign countries to explore, visit and talk with others from other nations and try to expand our reach. I was gone for 14 days and traveled to Japan for a short visit and to Vietnam. I have started a trade relation with Vietnam and will continue to expand on that venture and make it grow and benefit our nation. I look forward to returning in the near future.

My next overseas travel will be to return to the Philippines later this year and visit our province there to see how things are going.


I encourage all or our people to explore other nations if at all possible. To see and witness our cultures. 

President of Sabini,

Matthias Savino

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